Domaine des Evigneaux


Rasteau is a young appellation in the making offering a reservoir of fine cuvées to discover.

A typical Provençal village, strewn on a hill, swept by the famous Mistral, with a steep vineyard at its feet and a multitude of different terroirs.

The vines of the Domaine des Evigneaux are divided into 3 categories:

  • old Grenache vines on the heights of the village
  • young Syrah and Mourvèdre vines on the southern slopes
  • terraced Carignan and Cinsault vines

At Domaine des Evigneaux, the harvest is done manually, it is transported in small 12-kilo boxes so that the grapes arrive whole and keep their freshness without risk of oxidation.

Its traditional vinification with maceration, pumping over and pigeage is followed by aging in French oak barrels.

The unique vintage of Domaine des Evigneaux is an object of desire, its aromas of ripe fruit and spices will accompany your best dinners.